Commercial fishing

Modern trawling and wading since 1963

As a commercial fisherman, it is important that your fishing gear is durable, catches many fish and meets your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you work with floating trawl, bottom trawl or boom trawl, your trawl must suit towing speed, trawl opening, bucket clearance, size and type of bucket, drag resistance, catch bag and it must be tailored to the trawling techniques you use on your ship.

At Comet Trawl, we have supplied everything within waders, nets, trawls and ship equipment for commercial fishing since 1963. Our skills and experience in producing tailor-made trawls and equipment for commercial fishing are inexhaustible, and we can supply trawls for both bottom trawls, floating trawls and boom trawls from 100 – 10,000 hp.

From our water binderies in Esbjerg and Thyborøn, we deliver to all of Denmark, the Nordic countries and Europe.

Bottom trawl, floating trawl and beam trawl

Trawling is called something different, depending on which fish are to be caught and which techniques are used; fish trawl, plaice trawl, combi trawl, millionaire trawl, herring trawl, sprat trawl, tob trawl, etc. We produce all kinds of trawls for all kinds of needs.

Comet Trawl most often produces millionaire trawl, which is a semi-pelagic trawl that can both walk on the bottom and at the same time reach high into the water. We produce millionaire trawl in many different variants, e.g. with normal stitches or hexagonal stitches. We often make models from 4 to 8 tails, but can manufacture the trawl as required.

We make millionaire trawls from 100 hp to 10,000 hp made in the latest design, adapted to the individual boat, the techniques used and with materials that ensure optimal catches and a long life for the trawl.

We also manufacture dedicated floating trawls, bottom trawls and boom trawls. Our best float trawl is a turbo trawl in a very modernized version, which has proven to be extremely capable of fishing and very durable.

Floating trawls are used to catch pelagic schooling fish in the open water between bottom and surface. This means that the trawl is not dragged along the bottom, but instead is towed freely after one or 2 trawlers. The floating trawl can be lowered to the bottom in cases where it is necessary to prevent the fish from swimming under. You catch aton of fish such as mackerel, herring, blue whiting and more. The fish are used for human consumption and industrial use.

Bottom trawl is a trawl that is pulled across the seabed after a trawler. Bottom trawl fishing is one of the most widespread fishing methods in the world and can be used at varying depths, both close to the coast and out in deep water.

Boom trawls are used for fishing for coastal shrimp.

Our trawl has a reputation for very good fishing characteristics and durability due to our care in reinforcing the trawl in the right places.

Catch bags

A good catch bag must be able to have a tow adapted to the size of the ship, and must be spacious enough that the fish do not suffer nuisance while they are in the water. We manufacture catch bags that fit the trawl used and for all kinds of catches, such as; sprat bags, kingfish bags, herring bags and mackerel bags. It is the catch that determines how the catch bag should be designed and how big the holes should be in the bag.


We are able to supply all the necessary equipment, including; taifun, wires, all types of rope and rope, both braided and braided in all materials (Nylon, polyester, Dynema, etc.), chains, balls, floating line, foam floats which ensure that the customer gets tailor-made trawls.

Comet Trawl delivers trawls and equipment to most of the Nordics and Europe, and we have just started delivering to countries in the East, including Bangladesh.

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