Rope and wire rope solutions for the offshore industry

The offshore industry is an industry in constant movement and development. It often requires working in high-risk areas. At Comet Trawl, we have produced and supplied safety nets and shielding nets, as well as many varieties of rope and wire rope solutions for the offshore industry.

Safety nets/protection nets

Certified safety nets and gangway nets are essential tools to keep all employees in the offshore industry safe when working at heights or where there is a risk of falling overboard. Not only does the safety net provide fall protection for those working above the net, it also provides protection from falling objects for those working below the net.


Safety nets

The word is almost self-explanatory - a net that shields, and it has numerous applications in different situations and professions. We supply many shielding nets for use on drilling platforms, walkways and other areas where shielding is a requirement and a necessity.


Lifting net

We produce approved lifting nets for the offshore industry. The primary function of the lifting net is to lift different materials with different weights on board. Lifting tasks can vary depending on the material to be lifted. It could be compressors, machinery, tools or anything else that needs to be lifted on board.

We supply rope, wire, cord and dynema for all purposes in the offshore industry.


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