About us

The history of Comet Trawl dates back to 1963...

...when the company was founded in Esbjerg. Today, Comet Trawl is recognized as one of Denmark's largest and oldest rafting companies with production facilities in Esbjerg and Thyborøn.

The history

2022 | Comet trawl acquires Inoxline


2010 | Jørgen Poulsen retires


2008 | Comet Trawl acquires Arnes Trawl og vodbinderi in Thyborøn.


2005 | Comet Trawl merges with Sydvest Trawl.
Ruben Larsen from Sydvesttrawl joins the company.


2003 | Comet Trawl expands and moves to new and larger premises. In connection with the move, the company's concept changes in a more international direction. In 2003, the workforce consisted of 5 trained trawlers and 1 apprentice.


1999 | The position is strengthened, not least abroad, when John B. Brink joins the company. Brink joins the company.


1985 | Vodbinder Jørgen Poulsen becomes co-owner of the company. His primary purpose of ownership is to expand the fishing trade and build new niches within the net trade. Jørgen ran the company together with Simon until 1993, when Simon unfortunately had to give in to his illness.


1963 | Comet Trawl was founded by skipper Simon Rejkjær, with the primary purpose of servicing the consumer and industrial fishing industry in Denmark. Simon ran the company himself from 1963-1985.