Reb & Wire

Reb & wire

At Comet Trawl, we have supplied rope and wire since 1963 for all kinds of purposes, both for fishing, offshore, agriculture, the world of sports and many more. We can supply both ordinary ropes and wire as well as taifun, steel wire and Dynema. From our water binderies in Esbjerg and Thyborøn, we deliver to all of Denmark, the Nordic countries and Europe.

Cord and rope

When choosing string and rope, the varieties and materials are as numerous as the number of purposes for which it is to be used. We deliver everything in net and rope and are well versed in working with different materials and techniques.

You have to take several aspects into account when you have to choose the right string, the right rope or rope, but first of all you have to know what it will be used for.

We work in the materials: nylon, polyester, sisal and dynema, and can supply string, rope and rope that are 3-ply, 4-ply, braided, cross-braided, round braided and quarter-braided and deliver for a wide range of applications. The different rope types each have their own characteristics and preferred areas of application:

Nylon and Polyester

Nylon rope is comfortable and easy to handle even at low temperatures. Nylon absorbs water, and the rope can be stowed away when it’s wet. Nylon is resistant to most chemicals, but can be attacked by any strong acids. Nylon does not rot. Nylon has a very high breaking strength and a very high elasticity. Polyester has the same properties as nylon but is more stable.


Polyethylene rope floats on water, does not absorb water and is not attacked by rot and chemicals. Polyester rope is easy to handle even at low temperatures. It has a shiny and smooth surface.


Sisal is suitable for binding rope. The rope has little elasticity, is supple and knot-proof. Sisal is water absorbent and must be dry before it’s being packed away.


A stronger rope without significant stretch and is a good alternative to steel wire when tasks require manual handling of the rope. Dyneema is stronger than normal steel wire and weighs 7 times less. Is particularly suitable for tow line and


Taifun is a wire product that is laced with polypropylene split film, polyester or nylon. Taifun is constructed in the same way as ordinary steel wire, but weighs not nearly as much and is easier to work with. The typhoon is a softer version of a wire and is used, among other things, to pull trawls on the seabed.

Which type should you choose?

The material and choice of rope type largely depends on what you are going to use your rope for.

3-Strike & 4-Strike

3-ply rope and rope are, depending on the choice of material, suitable for mooring, lashing, unloading gear, agricultural rope, lifeline, containment rope, tow line, anchor rope, lifeline, gangway net and general use.

4-strand rope is used for ship use, but also for climbing rope and the like.

Braided and Cross Braided

Braided and cross-braided rope can be used as logline, for press lines, bottom wear, bar downs, blinds, curtains, lacing, flag lines, towline and other maritime purposes.

Square braid

Square-braided rope and rope are constructed from 4 right-hand and 4 left-hand twisted strands and are used especially for mooring ropes and straps.

round flette

Round braided nylon rope is used for laces in catch bags. It is also effective for hoisting systems where manual hoisting must be done by hand because it does not wear out the palms.

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