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Vortex - a solution specifically produced for the wind turbine industry

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Wind turbine manufacturers, including Siemens, have developed a special solution called a Vortex. This is a unique solution that ensures that the wind turbine tower does not oscillate when it is being transported or waiting for the housing to be mounted on the top of the tower.


Our many years of experience in working with rope, wire, equipment and twine ties enables us to produce unique solutions tailored to specific purposes. We deliver special solutions produced at our rag tying facilities in Esbjerg and Thyborøn to all kinds of companies in Denmark, the Nordics and throughout Europe.


Vortex is a windbreaker made of foam, mesh and string whose primary function is to deflect wind. The vortex is wrapped around the tower, creating a path for winds that prevents the tower from swaying. The net protects the tower from wear and tear and scratches.

It is effective on land and when shipping towers by ship to their destination because they stabilize the unfinished towers during shipping after construction.

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