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Everything in shielding and safety net

Screening nets and safety nets are not something you think about until the day they are not there. At Comet Trawl, we supply both screening nets and safety nets to many different industries, including the offshore industry and the wind turbine industry, where both Siemens Gamesa and Viking Life-Saving Equipment use our nets and accessories when they need to improve safety.

We deliver Wirenet / Webnet from JAKOB robe system. It is used wherever durability and architectural appearance are required. The wire mesh is made of stainless wire from 1 mm and up to 3 mm. Used especially for Safety net filling in railings – shielding – Zoo – planting of facades. Look

Safety net

Our safety net, which is approved according to EN 1263-1, is used in all imaginable contexts and reduces the likelihood of occupational accidents. The safety net and is an important tool that must protect all employees at a workplace where work is done at great heights. It could be in connection with roof work or construction at height. The safety net not only provides fall protection for the people working above the net – it’s also provides protection against falling objects for people working below the net.

Fall protection nets are always used in large constructions. Our fall protection nets were used, among other things, when the Storebæltsbroen was built, and you can also see them in Vestre Fængsel.

The wind turbine industry uses our fall protection net inside the wind turbine pipe itself when it is being to built.

We produce specific protective nets for, for example, rescue vessels, and we produce nets for their life rings.

Screening net

The word almost speaks for itself – a shielding net shields, and it has numerous applications in different situations for private and commercial use.

At Comet Trawl, we have produced screening nets for many different purposes, e.g. for Tivoli – Lego – Mærsk – Esvagt and in other contexts where shielding is necessary.

We produce both fine-mesh shielding nets that can be used for wind protection and nets with larger meshes, which are good for, for example, sports arenas and sports halls. They are also called railing nets, scaffolding nets, barrier nets or construction screen nets, depending on the function the net is intended for.

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